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Managing Partner

We are looking for a Managing Partner who will be responsible for overall delivery of work of the highest quality. This is a strategic role providing excellent service to existing clients and highly effective pitches.

The Managing Partner will play a key role in motivating the O&M team and being a professional company ambassador.

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Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities

Knowledge Areas:
  1. Contribute as a senior manager to the development of the culture and vision and positioning as a creative agency.
  2. Knowledge of client opinion leader profiles.
  3. Responsible for building and maintaining key relationships with opinion leaders.
  4. Identify opportunities to build opinion leader base for account team to develop additional activities within the overall programme
  5. Monitor and investigate market intelligence using the views of opinion leaders regarding pertinent issues (external/ product/ competition).

Task Areas:
  1. Responsible for developing accounts and negotiating new business with them. Defining and negotiating the terms.
  2. Act as champion and leader of Ogilvy & Mather, ensuring the agency’s market reputation and interests are promoted and protected.
  3. Work with other members of the Ogilvy Group and external partners to deliver client solutions.
  4. Responsible for seeking new business and organic growth by following leads provided by other employees.
  5. Regular and frequent communication with prospects and clients to follow up on proposals and monitor client satisfaction.

Talent Management & Internal Relationships:
  1. Lead and inspire agency personnel ensuring high levels of personnel motivation, performance and staff retention.
  2. Develop a proactive inward focus on staff to pre-empt issues and identify opportunities Conduct PMP's (appraisal) interviews and follow-up PMP objectives.
  3. Maintain an overview of resourcing within the accounts ensuring that it is appropriate at all times. Implement recommendations on staffing, personal development and staff employee issues.
  4. Keep accurate written records of all personnel incidents and performance issues. Interview/recruit new personnel. Ensure that appropriate training is provided to employees to support their on-going development, in line with the company’s needs.
  5. To maximise the effective deployment of resource within the agency. To continually challenge the norm, and continually champion and inspire others.
  6. Create a culture where everyone has the opportunity to learn and develop.
  7. To inspire the highest standards in team members and contribute to the successful and profitable achievements of the client’s objectives.

Client Management:
  1. Provide senior-level client contact and manage the interaction between clients and account support staff.
  2. Provide clients with creative and strategic support to assist them in meeting their own internal objectives.
  3. Responsible for ensuring clients are serviced to the highest standard and projects are delivered to a high creative and technical standard.
  4. Responsible for highlighting issue management procedures for implementation by the client/account team.
  5. Maintain social contact with client personnel and contact about the strategic direction of the account, staffing, issues etc. in accordance with the account director.

Commercial Management:
  1. Manage the portfolios finances prudently and to approved budgets ensuring profit targets are at least delivered and at best surpassed.
  2. Manage the portfolios future resource plans and finances accordingly. Draft monthly, quarterly financial reports.

Creative Management:
  1. External Communications and Profile.
  2. External Marketing (credentials, literature, advertising, promotional materials etc).
  3. Business Development Support focusing on presentation style and formats.
  4. Existing Client Development (create "ideas factory" for existing clients across all Practice areas and provide across the board cover and client care to Practice heads and account teams).
  5. Internal Agency Relationship Management (create/manage across wider O & M Group and across other WPP companies).
  6. Supervising and ensuring quality and integrity of creative strategies Setting the standard for developing new, impactful and continuously innovative solutions.

Professional, technical skills and previous experience required

Required Experience:
  1. Be able to manage the strategy process and resources to achieve successful business output.
  2. Proven leadership ability.
  3. An in-depth knowledge of the client and services.
  4. Show true passion about servicing our clients on a daily basis.
  5. A strong 360 degree marketing practitioner with a focus on results, continuous improvement and innovation.
  6. Understands the digital communications landscape alongside the broader commercial landscape and should be able to consider client and agency issues at a strategic level.
  7. An impressive track record in managing senior clients.
  8. A credible client background with solid marketing and advertising credentials.
  9. Knowledge of e-commerce, web technology and online marketing concepts, industry trends, etc.
  10. 15 yrs + of relevant experience

Required Behaviours:
  1. Strong analytical background and knowledge of statistical analysis methods.
  2. Strong presentation and/or public speaking skills, outstanding written communication skills.
  3. Positive, self-starter attitude and desire to exceed expectations at every opportunity.
  4. Strong attention to detail, highly organised and focused on work quality.
  5. Has gravitas with the senior management team and Heads of Group Companies.
  6. Believes in the ethos Ogilvy and promotes this both internally and externally.
  7. Is able to take tough decisions and effectively resolve conflict. Must possess integrity, energy and creativity.
  8. Is influential and can inspire. Acts in the best interest of Ogilvy at all times.
  9. Imparts leadership, experience and knowledge.
  10. Has a natural instinct in recognising big brand ideas and can help teams route map.
  11. Can visualise the strategic concept and ideas to solve communications issues involving the brand.

Required Attributes:
  1. Exceptional client management and communication skills./li>
  2. Proven people and team management experience.
  3. Team player, outgoing and dependable.
  4. You need to be analytical, creative and have a genuine interest in consumers and brands.

Ogilvy Habits

Ogilvy Habits represent the behaviours that are at the core of our business and how we want to be. Every employee is expected to bring them to life in their everyday work.

  1. Courage: Shows bravery in making decisions, and stands by values and beliefs.
  2. Idealism: Strives for achievements; dares to raise our sights and blaze new trails.
  3. Curiosity: Has a desire to know more, and is open to all possibilities.
  4. Playfulness: Has fun and knows when not to take him or herself too seriously.
  5. Candour: Encourages openness and honesty with colleagues and with clients.
  6. Intuition: Trusting and listening to our unconscious or “inner guru”, to find unique solutions.
  7. Free-spiritedness: Permission to practice magic, encourage and promote flexibility.
  8. Persistence: Shows determination to achieve the right results